martes, 21 de mayo de 2013


But, of course, I shouldn’t forget the other side of the coin, the American equivalent. If we are willing to hear good American English and swallow the pleasurable American sound, we just have to type “Bruce Springsteen” and voilà….” The Boss” is right there.


It’s almost unconceivable for a blog about the English language not to have an entry containing a reference to the British pop band par excellence, the Beatles. Hard as it may sound, I have dared to choose one of my favorites: I Wanna Hold Your Hand. So, be ready to get a kick on it!

lunes, 20 de mayo de 2013


People talk and talk about Americans. Recently we have been first-hand witnesses of the unstoppable increase of the American flag everywhere. All of a sudden,  it has become chic, up-to-date, after all, fashionable. In lots of conversations people both criticize or defend wholeheartedly the American way of life, American culture and its people. However, do we know Americans sufficiently? 

In the following video, a widely-known Spanish monologuist outstands the paramount ideals of America in comparison to the Spanish lifestyle... Let's LOL ;)

miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2013


More than ever, English has become a worldwide used language with more than a billion fans over the globe. Since the CEF of Reference established the new structure of English linguistic levels and therefore the recognition of people's English skills, there has been an increasing interest in learning Shakespeare's language. In fact, due to the harsh international "Crack of the 2010s" (economic hardship) many people, in their search for a job, have seen themselves obliged to learn English. 
So, how is English so widespread? and why is English SO important? Ok, let's see the next couple of videos and try to answer to these two questions.

lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013


There are certain songs that trace you back to the past; a past full of happiness, of a long-time-ago love towards a culture, a country, ultimately, a LANGUAGE. This was just the start of a new arising love, when specific voices pervaded my teenaged years with a path of linguistic and spiritual prosperity. Now, older than then, I can close my eyes and go to that time when I felt in love with you, my dear English language, forever and ever.

domingo, 12 de mayo de 2013


There are many different ways of summarising the history and evolution of music through time, but this video has the strong power to do it in just a few minutes... Let's see how curious it is!

                              Thanks for this marvellous video;)

And what about it? 5 peeps and only one guitar! ISN’T IT AMAZING?